Dastkar Andhra’s vision is to establish handlooms as a viable livelihood, product and technology, working with weavers, weaver institutions, market and state in achieving this. Facilitating producer control and equity within the handloom industry is its long-term goal. Towards this end, it works with producer institutions that are equitable by design and in operation, engaging the cooperative on a range of production, marketing and policy functions. Through this it aims to impact the bargaining power of weavers across a range of contexts, from cooperative to government and market. Building capabilities through training in these functions, as well as seeking accountability and transparency in transactions at all levels also strengthens local institutions at the village level. Dastkar Andhra participates in industry growth by innovating on handloom market development through Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association [DAMA] and works on models for risk-taking and promotion in retail spaces through Dastkar Andhra Retail Agency [DARA].