The technology programme plays a critical role in strengthening handlooms both through addressing technical practices (for eg., improvements in dyeing and dyeing infrastructure) and market and design parameters (better quality, innovations on loom). Dastkar Andhra’s explorations in technology have identified areas where technological adaptations and investments are required, whether this is yarn spinning or fabric washing. Its objectives are:

  1. Promotion of environment-friendly dyes by providing technical support and training to producer groups in shifting to these technologies
  2. Exploring appropriateness of preloom technologies such as sizing and warping, and adapting them for changing environment where necessary.
  3. Adapting existing post loom technologies for shrinking, washing, available in other industries, to suit the decentralized mode of handloom, in a cost effective fashion.
  4. Feed learnings directly into the work of DAMA with cooperatives
  5. Inform broader direction for investment for the industry both by the market and state, through the policy advocacy programme