Policy Research & Advocacy

Our work in policy issues is geared towards creating a conducive environment that fosters growth in the sector. We collaborate and work with DAMA, Co-operatives, Government and Civil Society.

  1. To lobby for the handloom sector through policy assessments (on cooperative reform, yarn supply chain), with the objective of promoting growth in the industry
  2. To create multiple venues for debate and participation that can aid in policy negotiations, and to impact perception of handloom sector in the public domain as the largest generator of non-farm employment in the Indian economy with a potential for growth and equity (through seminars, symposiums, research and writings)
  3. To strengthen institutions that can carry the industry’s growth (through our work with cooperatives)
  4. To actively support the needs of the industry and the interests of primary producers through advocacy with the Government, with other partner organizations, with primary producer cooperatives and civil society groups.