Natural Dyes

The natural dyes programme is Dastkar Andhra’s early intervention in technology and production. It focuses on issues of technology and its application, (such as skill in innovating in the process of technology transfer), on natural dyes as an input in creating product identity in the market, and in securing control over production process.

Its activities have been -

  1. Production and livelihood interventions - natural dyes to boost market and control over production process; promotion of new products; setting up dye vats in Chinnur, Uravakonda, Hyderabad, (AP) and in Heggodu (Karnataka); and production dyeing with Chinnur and Ponduru groups in AP.
  2. Training and Outreach – regular training of artisans in new media and help in standardizing or testing. Technology transfer to new organizations.
  3. Archival and Process Documentation
  4. Networking and Promotion with institutions and in market, with customers. The tangible credibility with producers and other stakeholders is reflected in the work with UNESCO for the International seminar on natural dyes (2006) and the collaboration with National Institute of Rural Development [NIRD], Hyderabad in setting up a dye house at their Rural Technology Park.