Understanding the needs of design and technology of the weaver and loom are the roles of the Design Studio at Dastkar Andhra. Developing the necessary skills, applying them on a small scale, eventually transferring these skills to the weaver on the field is its main agenda. Dastkar Andhra’s marketing initiative provides the ground for different explorations by the Design Studio. Design and technology issues from the marketing and production end are addressed. Some of its activities are:

  1. Merchandizing, or translation of market information into design and dissemination of this process by building capabilities of the designer-weaver to read the market.
  2. Design and Product Development for DAMA groups (the tasks involve translation of market information for producer, design development, promoting design flexibility, engaging sample looms, and putting designs into production).
  3. Design innovations within the technological and traditional skill and identity of the region.
  4. Product development for natural dyed and handspun yarn (development of specialty products).