Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association [DAMA]

The objective of DAMA is to provide marketing support to the cotton handloom sector in Andhra Pradesh through the creation and promotion of innovative marketing strategies. Its’ partners are cooperative institutions, which are designed to be democratic, participative and equitable. DAMA’s interventions are in production (loom support through market orders in the initial stage), stockroom (affording aggregation of product) and marketing through different sales channels.

DAMA’s marketing strategy targets the potential of the domestic market. The growing and increasingly wealthy middle class represents a large market segment and can easily support the produce of the weaver societies. DAMA also supplies a small part of the production to the niche marketing for the upper class/export segment in order to leverage visibility in the market place for DAMA products.

The marketing objectives are to:

  1. Market the handloom products of weaver groups to existing mainstream markets
  2. Expand market share by working on innovative distribution and marketing mechanisms as opportunity arises
  3. To set up norms for translating market information into products, in order that producers service the market efficiently.
  4. Keep abreast with market changes in order to provide the best possible marketing support to the handloom industry.

DAMA has five main marketing channels to meet its marketing objectives, of which the quantum is taken up by the first one:

  1. retailer-servicing (caters mainly to boutique/shop/chain selling ready-mades),
  2. home selling /corner shop network (for the middle class housewife who wears handloom sarees and salwar suits),
  3. direct sales from its own stock room/stock shop,
  4. exhibitions (direct customer contact and promotion of new products) and
  5. other sales routes including exports and direct marketing by the cooperatives supported by DAMA

Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association (DAMA) closely engages with the weavers through handloom co-operatives. As part of the work in the market space we design strategies that link the producer to the market and help understand the needs of consumers across different segments.

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